4 Understated Benefits Of Helping Your Child Write Well

tutor teaching writing course to young student

Writing is a skill that is often neglected amidst Singaporean education’s focus on maths and science. Far more than just scoring well in academics, writing has very tangible benefits in daily living. In this article, I will share 4 benefits of helping your child to write well, as well as how writing courses in Singapore assist you in doing so.

1. It promotes effective communication.

In addition to spoken language, writing is still the main medium of which we communicate with one another. Be it conveying information with work colleagues and clients, or messaging your friends and family about the latest events and happenings, writing is a key part of our lives. A good understanding of the proper grammar and flow of words in writing also helps your kid to speak more effectively too, reducing confusion and convincing others more effectively. .

An important tip on how to motivate your children is to be as patient as possible, giving them the space to make mistakes rather than rushing to correct them. In addition, you can try engaging their creativity in daily settings through a variety of activities, ranging from writing down the lyrics to their favourite songs to involving them in writing down shopping lists.

2. It allows them to express themselves.

Kids  who have a broader vocabulary and are comfortable with writing are better equipped to express not only their thoughts, but also their feelings. This enables individuals to utilize writing to persuade their peers, share their expertise, and have an impact on others in their immediate vicinity. Additionally, expression enables children to communicate their feelings to their parents, which is critical for promoting their mental health and well-being in these uncertain times.

Another suggestion on how to motivate your children is to urge them to keep a journal, which can be physical or electronic. They can use it to recollect intriguing happenings from the previous week or to express their emotions in a private and secure space. Additionally, the notebook can act as a remembrance that kids can look back on fondly as they grow older.

3. It improves their confidence.

As with physical activity, kids should strive to develop a habit of writing regularly. They will gradually enhance their fluency and capacity to create lengthier pieces in less time, as well as their ability to polish their mental processes in order to craft their work properly. As a result, their mastery and confidence grow, particularly in timed assessments such as composition writing and freestyle creative writing. 

Writing courses in Singapore offer a structured curriculum to build up children’s fundamentals, with nurturing tutors who are committed to their success. As students improve over time and revisit their earlier works, they can see a tangible improvement and remain motivated to continually improve their writing.

4. It improves their future prospects.

Writing is a critical talent that is necessary for a wide variety of disciplines, especially as children progress through secondary school and beyond. Students are obliged to compose organized essays for a variety of purposes, including the General Paper in junior college and many research papers in tertiary school. Having strong writing abilities helps students make their papers more legible and concise, which is likely to earn them a higher grade. Additionally, writing is critical in business contexts, where a well-written email demonstrates professionalism and can make a favorable impression on clients.

Another area where good writing shines is writing compelling cover letters when applying to universities or jobs. Particularly for coveted universities or jobs where the majority of applicants have exceptional scores and resumes, a well-written cover letter is often what gives applicants the edge and enroll into the university or job of their dreams. Writing courses in Singapore provide students an early foundation to write masterfully and fluidly, honing their craft over time.

Writing from a young age brings about many benefits for a child in the long-run. It takes conscious effort and practice to write. Looking for additional tips on how to best motivate your children? Visit www.careanoh.com to find out more.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio.

- Carean Oh

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