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tutor teaching writing course to young student

4 Understated Benefits Of Helping Your Child Write Well

Writing is a skill that is often neglected amidst Singaporean education’s focus on maths and science. Far more than just scoring well in academics, writing has very tangible benefits in daily living. Here are 4 benefits of helping your child to write well, as well as how writing courses in Singapore assist you in doing…

Helping Your Child Embrace The Joys Of Reading Fiction

Reading is a key habit that parents often seek to instill in their children, due to its numerous benefits. Learn more about the importance of reading fiction or healthy childhood development, and some parenting tips Singaporean parents can use to encourage fiction reading from a young age. Why is fiction important? Research has shown that…

Carean Oh Motivating Kids

How Parents Can Help Their Child Study Hard And Smart

When you’re a kid, you might think it’s perfectly natural to want to spend all of your time inside playing video games or watching TV. You might also hear them complain about how tiring homework is and tell you that they just don’t have the motivation. These are classic signs of an attention-deficit child who…

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