Secrets to Life

There are moments in life in which we are left wondering if our lives are truly worth fulfilling. During these moments, it feels as if life is sometimes as meaningful or significant as we had thought it would be. Perhaps you simply feel jaded or disappointed with yourself or others around you. Or you’re simply frustrated living a life that is not always smooth-sailing. It is fraught with more complexities. It’s not that you do not appreciate the life you’re living. You simply feel that there must be more to life, something that gives your life a stronger purpose. We start to realize that we’ve wasted countless hours with no fulfilling gains. In retrospect, none of these activities contributes to the sense of living a fulfilled life. How can we appreciate life? This book contains poems written by Carean Oh. Throughout her life, she has been through ups and downs. Success did not come easily and she feels that we will be happier if we start appreciating the things that truly matter.

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