3 Tips To Prepare Effectively For The English O Levels

3 Tips To Prepare Effectively For The English O Levels

In Singapore’s educational curriculum, English is a mandatory subject that contributes significantly to a student’s O levels score computation. An excellent score can help bring down a student’s L1-R5 computation, while a lower grade can affect one’s chances of enrolling in their dream educational institution and programme. 

This is why English is a subject that is heavily emphasised in many secondary schools. However, everyone learns at their own pace. A student who is adept at the subject may be able to pick up the tips for essay writing immediately. Conversely, another student may struggle and require more in-depth guidance to grasp the techniques. 

Unfortunately, as everyone approaches the end of the academic year, graduating students will face a hectic schedule in revising their work, and teachers may not be able to dedicate time to a struggling student when they are overseeing a class size of over thirty students. 

As such, it is common to see many Singaporeans enrolling their children in O level English tuition classes to give their kids the best possible chance of achieving a good grade in the subject. 

While tuition classes do help significantly, it is still possible for your child to have some concerns about their upcoming O Level exams. If you share your child’s concerns, fret not! Let me, Carean Oh, Writers Studio share three practical tips to help your child prepare effectively for the English O Level exams. 

1. Create a study schedule

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English is not the only subject your child will have to prepare for the upcoming O Level exams. And with multiple subjects to revise, it is easy for your child to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, it is essential for your child to plan a study schedule so that they can optimise their revision in a productive manner. 

Having proper time management is crucial to scoring a good grade because if your child is constantly short of time, their revision will likely be haphazard, causing them to miss out on important topics and concepts. Carean Oh, Writers Studio and our teachers at Writers Studio also reinforces this strategy in their classes.

By adhering to a study schedule, your child can better manage their time, keep track of their revision, and ensure they cover all their syllabus on time. Furthermore, dedicating a portion of one’s time to learning in small chunks is a more effective study method as compared to cramming. 

2. Clarify any doubts with the tutor

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With a class size of over thirty students to oversee daily, it is understandable that an English teacher is unable to dedicate time to guide every student individually. This is where having an O Level English tutor is beneficial, as your child can clarify any doubts they have with their instructor.

With a smaller class size to attend to, these tutors are able to dedicate more time to identify and guide their students on improving their weaker areas. Additionally, these tutors regularly stay up-to-date and are well-versed in the O Level curriculum, allowing them to provide their students with relevant tips to achieve a good grade on their essay writing or oral exam

3. 10-year-series is your child’s best revision tool

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There is a reason why the 10-year-series is the go-to revision tool for many English teachers and O Level English tutors when preparing their students for the upcoming O Level exams. While there will be slight variations to the various modules and questions that appear in the O Level exams, the core curriculum is generally similar. By working on the 10-year-series, your child can gain a better understanding of how prepared they are for their upcoming exams. 

When you are going through the 10-year-series with your child, both of you may want to take a look at the answers provided to identify any common mistakes your child may be committing. Common errors most students commit include those involving tenses, subject/verb agreement, and singular and plural nouns. By identifying and learning from their mistakes, your child can avoid repeating the same errors during their exams.

In Singapore’s competitive education system, every child is trying to find ways to succeed. Whether it is devising a study schedule, clarifying doubts with tutors or revising 10-year-series papers, parents must remain patient in their children’s progress as every individual has a different pace of learning. I, Carean Oh, Writers Studio and my team of teachers are beyond prepared to embark on this journey with your child!

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio, Writers Studio School of English

- Carean Oh

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