Effective Communication in a Post Covid, Pre-5G World

I am happy to be interviewed on CNA 938 this evening. Extending my thoughts here to provide more insights to my comments in the interview with Melanie and Lance.

Indeed, poor writing is a ‘handicap’ in today’s society. But not all of us can write or communicate well at the workplace – and some of us don’t need to, due to our job roles.

We have to recognise the need to communicate. Communication is important in today’s society, even more important now that many discussions take place online. What we pen down in words have to be convincing and persuasive in order to grab attention, strike that first good impression and win over the audience. Furthermore, we have to understand that we are competing with so many other people who have their own ideas, opinions and strengths.

When I was applying to be an auditor in KPMG years back, I was asked to write two essays – one on the interpretation of financial data, and the other to provide an in-depth analysis in comparison with another company in the case study. For an hour, I waited while the interviewers evaluated my essays. In came the manager and HR consultant. They commended me for writing well and offered me a position immediately. This is not a story to brag about – but a reality that I had demonstrated even as a junior candidate then.

One should not shy away or undermine the importance of communication at work. Be it at work or for a job interview, the candidate who can express himself more eloquently will stand out. The role does not matter. Because eventually, the ability to communicate gets you places – your employer will need a copywriter, a spokesperson, a sales person and a negotiator one day. Being equipped with adequate, if not outstanding, writing skills will give you the chance for transfers and promotions, and land you a better job one day.

I’ll be happy to connect with you on how to improve on your writing skills.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio.

- Carean Oh

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