The Importance Of Nurturing Creativity In Your Child

teaching children writing courses singapore
teaching children writing courses singapore

Why is creativity important?

As Singaporeans who tend to focus on results, it can be easy to see creativity in terms of its outcome, particularly with its association to creating artistic works such as paintings, handicrafts, or stories. In truth, creativity is all about the process of creating, imagining, thinking, and problem solving which encompasses many facets of life. Allow me to share some key benefits of nurturing creativity in your child, with help from creative writing courses in Singapore.

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Creativity Improves Cognitive Processes

Children’s cognitive processes are strengthened by creativity as they develop skills such as problem-solving, experimenting, and insight. As they freely explore innovative ideas and critically analyze their own thought processes, they improve their capacity to accept new challenges and tasks, as well as write more efficiently. As a result, they internalize scholastic concepts and perform well, paving the way for future achievements in fields such as arts, science, or business.

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Creativity Helps Cultivate Life Skills

Creativity also promotes the development of other important life skills, such as motor skills when engaging in arts and craft, self-confidence in taking ownership of one’s hard work and their progress, as well as building relationships with their peers and tutors through feedback and collaboration as part of creative writing courses in Singapore. It also provides our children avenues for personal growth and self-exploration, providing a strong sense of identity which helps to anchor them and bolster their mental health, particularly in challenging times.

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How do Creative Writing Courses help my Child?

When conducting creative writing courses in Singapore, some good tutors tend to focus on building expressive skills in children through effective storytelling. As part of their learning, our children will learn to imagine and craft engaging storylines, write compelling characters and dialogue, as well as a diverse vocabulary of words to tell their stories. They will also learn proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, which will be key for them to write succinctly and clearly in other forms of writing, such as in essays and reports in further education. These tutors are few and far between as most tutors tend to focus on methods that steer away from spatial-kinesthetic learning.

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In addition, good creative writing courses also teach students key strategies to help our children write and score better in their compositions in primary school (so be discerning!). These include using writing prompts to jump start their creative process, fleshing out their characters through captivating and realistic backgrounds, personalities, and motivations, as well as effectively describing the various settings their characters are in to increase immersion and realism.

Carean Oh, Writers Studio, a lifelong educator with over two decades of experience in a variety of educational settings, knows the significance of cultivating children’s soft skills, such as creativity and confidence. She combines her passions for writing and teaching in her job as an educational consultant, assisting parents and children in identifying the most effective and individualized approaches for academic and holistic success.

In addition to being an educational consultant, Carean Oh, Writers Studio is the Principal Consultant of Writers Studio, an English Language school in Singapore that teaches creative writing courses. With her experienced and patient teachers, she helps your child to grow in both expression and self-confidence and boldly embrace challenges in writing.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio, Writers Studio School of English

- Carean Oh

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