For Teams, What Matters More: Raw Talent or a History of Success Together?

Assembling the right team is critical to business success.

For many teams that work, everyone has a unique story. And what works best for others may not work best for you.  I used to ask myself, how much will it depend on individual talent and how much on teammates’ ability to work together?

Whether or not a team performs at its best, it is important to do a self-check at every pit stop and reassess. I believe talent can be a basis, but talent doesn’t reach its full potential unless you get them to work as a team together. Almost everything that human beings do today, in terms of generation of value, is no longer done by individuals. This begs the question: what if the best talents don’t get along? As a leader, it is always important to be an observer. While you work at being at the helm, be a silent observer. Watch the way the team work. Who vocalises opinions, who tries to pull the team together and who tries to find ways to put a damper on team spirit.

Rewarding passion starts with an appreciation for deserving team members.

Sometimes, the best experiment is to place different people together and watch how different people take charge. Observe how fast the team reaches their KPIs and take note of the emotional highs and lows. These are invaluable journeys in helping the company discover the integral culture that helps move the business forward.

By the time the culture is identified and take root, everything falls into a natural momentum where team members will gravitate towards a state of ease, and this optimises performance so much that it will be what propels the business to the next level. It is a unique curve ball strategy where the deserving team members will benefit from, as the business keeps the best people who will grow the company well into the next phase.

Develop a unique strategy to sift out good team members and take them with you as the business progresses to the next level.

After years of experience, I can testify that raw talent matters more than a history of success together. The combination of raw talent and how each talent subscribes to the philosophy of success matters. And when the company needs to pull the plug on people who may not work to the advantage of the team, short of waffling, let the better part of the team make their choice. Only the leader knows the strategy.   

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio.

- Carean Oh

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