Educator or Teacher? What are you?

Identifying myself as an educator did not come until I realise my passion in child education.

I have been a teacher for more years than I can remember but I find myself growing to be a child educator for the past 9 years. Being an educational consultant has brought new meaning to my career and fuels me in waking up in the morning and going to work as a professional educator in my own ways. Both the words ‘teacher’ and ‘educator’ describe a different aspect of what I do in a profoundly different manner. A teacher instructs specific skills and content according to a curriculum and developmental level. An educator coaches individuals to become what is essential — to develop into human beings who are lead purposeful lives.

Educating others instills a sense of curiosity and responsibility in better managing every aspect of life and every part of any curriculum. The experience of inculcating responsibility over learning is the vision of every true child educator. When there is a discrepancy between expectation and performance, I don’t prefer to give up on underachievers, and often try to think of a “Plan B” to guide the learner to succeed.

Being an educator is to stand shoulder to shoulder with the learner and share a vision of what can be or how to make the past better. Exploration of facts can lead to deep questioning that instills curiosity, inquiry and achievement. This can assist the learner to journey through the satisfaction and relentless pursuit of trying out something new. It’s most meaningful to support, encourage and lend a guiding hand to what can be at times the “painful” experience of learning deeply. But the beauty of the educator’s role lie in creating a learner who in turn adds value to everyone around them by being able to carry on the inspiring torch that I have ignited.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio.

- Carean Oh

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