Help Kids Overcome Negative Thoughts

Kids who are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts risk developing depression and anxiety. This is a cause for concern, all the more so in a world where many kids are inundated with negative thoughts. Overcoming negative thoughts in your child by helping them gain awareness, and a grasp of what is going on in your kid’s mind… While this can be a challenging process, the benefits are well worth the effort. Let me share some parenting tips to help our little ones overcome negative thoughts.

Step 1: Identify your kid’s behaviour

The first step in the process of modifying negative behaviour is to identify the kid’s behaviour. Negative thoughts or emotions in kids can be detected through observation of their body language and actions. If a kid is defiant, aggressive, or destructive, the next step is to teach him or her how to identify negative thoughts and emotions and how to deal with them by developing a strategy for dealing with difficult situations. Through reinforcement, positive attention, and rewards, negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours can gradually be replaced with positive ones.

Step 2: Use positive reinforcement and development self-control in your kid

Through positive reinforcement, children feel happier. They will feel that they are recognised, however young and seemingly insignificant they are. In the process of self-discovery, they develop self-control. They get to decide the actions that lead to the incentives. This helps our children overcome negative thoughts and display better behaviours.

Indeed, this is the optimal method for motivating children. When rewards are involved, their behaviour is more likely to change. To encourage children to be more optimistic, you can use rewards such as praise, enjoyable activities, and rewards for maintaining a clean home. The goal is to eradicate as many negative behaviours as possible. Put it simply, when we were younger, did we enjoy being scolded or prefer a more encouraging way of being corrected? 

Step 3: Help kids cope with negative thoughts

As parents and child educators, we should identify and assist those who are struggling. It is not easy being a kid. They are often misunderstood. Barely knowing how to interpret the world and the actions of others, most young kids lack awareness and world sense. The parent and teacher’s role is to assist students in developing coping mechanisms for negative thoughts and emotions.

As a teacher myself, we can assist the student in coping by using reinforcement, positive attention and praise. A structured point system in exchange for effective incentives (this need not come at a high cost) can make a difference to the way kids respond to the lessons. This helps deter negative behaviours and promote the development of positive behaviours. Now, think about the time when you had a favourite teacher when you were younger. Which teacher sticks most in your mind, now that you think about it? The class tigress or the affectionate teacher whom everyone looked forward to learning from?

Our schools are continuously trying to ensure that students have a safe learning environment. Regardless of their intentions, it is critical for students to feel secure and confident enough to study. It’s the same for all children: They can be intimidated by the prospect of school and may feel inadequate. However challenging school may appear to them, support from parents and the encouragement of teachers will go a long way in creating self-assured children capable of learning and responding to their peers and environment in the right ways. 

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Carean Oh, Writers Studio, provides consultancy on how parents can play a better role and make a positive impact on convincing children to behave more favourably.  Her methods include designing strategies that support children’s emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual growth. Over her many years in the education service, she has assisted parents in positively guiding their children who grow into successful and confident young adults.

Sheila, an experienced English and Early childhood development instructor, wrote this piece, which identifies with the philosophy of Carean Oh, Writers Studio, an educational consultant.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio, Writers Studio School of English

- Carean Oh

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