How an Educational Consultant Improves Your Child’s Prospects

Many parents naturally want the best for their children, and a solid educational foundation is key to helping them excel and step into their dream careers. You may be wondering why it is important to engage educational consultants in Singapore to help you and your child gear towards educational success.

What is an educational consultant?

An educational consultant is someone who is first and foremost passionate about education and making a difference. There are fewer educational consultants in Singapore compared to teachers. While teachers are able to give suggestions as to how your child can plan for his or her future, educational consultants are well-versed in education pedagogy as well as teaching and assessment methods. These consultants may start off as educators but over the years, they have acquired plenty of exposure and experience. Having taught in various educational settings, they can lend their expertise to help a child plan with meticulous care and provide invaluable advice on their academic paths. Sophisticated consultants can range from advising an academic board on how best to improve their curriculum and pedagogy, providing career advice to students on how to prepare for their desired careers and vet through their applications, or helping parents to identify how their child learns effectively from a young age.

The right educational consultants in Singapore are well-versed with the admissions process, starting as early as enrolling one’s child into Primary One. They also guide students and parents in choosing optimal schools to apply to upon the completion of PSLE, O-Levels, IP, IB and A-Levels; as well as the procedure to do so. In my journey as an educator, I am grateful for the numerous opportunities that enable me to acquire techniques on teaching creative skills to students, empowering them with effective and creative ways to learn.

“No child can walk the same learning pathway. They are shaped by circumstances, opportunities and innate talents.”

Carean Oh, Educational Consultant

How does an educational consultant help my child?

Every child learns differently and has their own areas which they excel in. For example, some students may thrive with rote learning and memory work, while others may require a more hands-on approach and conceptual understanding. In Singapore’s highly competitive academic environment, adopting a less-than-optimal academic approach and path can lead to unnecessary stress on your child, which can result in poorer academic performance as well as overall well-being. An educational consultant identifies your child’s strengths and recommends methods to facilitate their learning through educational assessments and one-to-one interactions.

A key area that educational consultants in Singapore play an important role is in the secondary school application process. Prestigious schools in Singapore have stringent application criteria, and with the new PSLE grading system implemented in 2021, examination standards have become higher while questions get more challenging. Educational consultants collaborate with parents and students to best understand their strengths and help them capitalise on it during a direct school admission and provide sound advice for handling personal statements and interviews.

Over the years, I have seen my students facing conundrums in the best learning pathways and career plans they hope to take. These cumulative experience in training students for such interviews have also been an interesting experience. I feel immense joy whenever a client thanks me for succeeding in helping their child pass an interview and enrol in a school of their dreams. I have also mapped out alternative routes for children such that they can be more prepared well before their PSLE year to gain a better advantage in enrolment into a desired school. Often, I will break down the key milestones my students can attain during applications as well as which schools to apply for, providing peace of mind for both parents and students.

Some educational consultants in Singapore specialise in working with children with special needs, such as ADHD and ASD. This experience is not only enlightening for me, but also very meaningful in my education career. Usually, I adopt a client-centred approach by providing consultations, assessments, and intervention plans, while also collaborating with other professionals. This helps to lessen the impact of students’ learning difficulties while equipping them with essential skills to learn effectively, such as stress and time management, improving attention and focus, as well as studying with peers.

It is never too late to start working with an educational consultant. Consider it as a journey that is worth taking, with a specialist who is able to keep you on track while planning the best for your child.

With over 20 years of experience as an educator, Carean had previously served as the Head of Department in one of Singapore’s schools, and received numerous awards for her contributions and commitment to students’ welfare and education. In addition, Carean is also the founder of Writers Studio, a qualified Speech and Drama teacher,  a curriculum designer and learnware consultant. Over the course of her illustrious career, she has provided advice and training for many students which has helped them attain coveted places in their desired schools. This reflects her wealth of experience across diverse domains and she is an excellent consultant who has served more than 4000 clients.

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By Carean Oh, Writers Studio.

- Carean Oh

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