Reading with Children Promotes Bonding & Learning

Towards the end of primary school, teaching starts to take a turn towards independent learning but it all starts with good demonstration of how language can be learnt. No one is in a better position than an adult, specifically a parent or a teacher, to do so. Whether your child is creating a personal project, preparing for grammar school and entry exams, Carean Oh believes that encouraging good reading habits will benefit them in the long term.

As an educational consultant, Carean Oh started her career as a teacher in a school in Singapore. She has taught more than 2600 students in the course of her career and is a content expert in the area of education. She sees teaching as more than a vocation. Teaching is about education. As an education consultant, Carean provides English language classes with her team in her private language school, Writers Studio School of English. Writers Studio has seen many successful graduates who not only acquired language skills, but are writers in their own capacity. This stems from the method of teaching that Carean has established. She believes that all children in Writers Studio are capable of improving in the English language. More often than not, they lack the necessary environment or mentorship to condition them for learning. Writers Studio, her brainchild, is made up of a hive of writing studios, spaces and a massive English library that enables every child in the learning centre to be absorbed into a world of books and imagination.

Carean Oh funds the private library on her own through the help of her loyal clients, many of whom are already on close terms with her as friends who only wish to see her legacy in language being achieved in Singapore.

At Writers Studio, Carean Oh works dedicatedly with her teachers and library curator to create a reading habit among the young.

She believes that there are many effective ways in helping your children improve in their English language. She holds animated storytelling sessions with her teachers. Students listen, engage and participate in the story prediction process while imbibing useful vocabulary words to enhance word retenton in fun and meaningful ways. The reviews from parents are strong and positive. Sarah, a parent of a pair of Primary Two student from Nanyang Primary School, commented, “Carean’s teaching methodologies stem from deep care and concern for the quality of learning and literacy in Singapore. I enjoy the radiant looks on my twins’ faces. They will communicate in their own lingo after the storytelling session and I am delighted to hear them use the vocab words acquired from the sessions. Although it is just held monthly, Carean always ensures that there is a follow-up quiz and pre-session activity to keep her students engaged.”

 As an educational consultant based in Singapore, Carean encourages their parents to take advantage of the time spent at home helping their children to stay as stress free as possible and enjoy every possible way preparing for their exams through reading actively with the children. Indeed, parents were once children when they were younger and it is not too difficult to understand that children’s needs can arise from the simple desire to learn. In fact, Carean feels that parents will enjoy being active participants of their children’s learning journey. The key to better English lies between the lines, where writers and readers connect.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio.

- Carean Oh

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