How Parents Can Help Their Child Study Hard And Smart

Carean Oh Motivating Kids

When you’re a kid, you might think it’s perfectly natural to want to spend all of your time inside playing video games or watching TV. You might also hear them complain about how tiring homework is and tell you that they just don’t have the motivation. These are classic signs of an attention-deficit child who needs some guidance from their parents on how to study for school without going overboard.

It is important to listen to the kid and learn to differentiate between real problems and kid dramatics subconscious or conscious, depending. Some kids think a lot about studying, but are not able to study effectively due to lack of focus. Your job as a parent is to just ensure that the kid balances thinking and working. You need to check that the kid is not distracted while studying. How can you help your kid get focused while studying?

In Singapore, the focus on academic achievements is still set to stay. It is only natural for parents to have high aspirations for their children. Yet without supervision and heaps of encouragement, young kids often need more help than necessary, to hit a higher score or a faster rate of improvement in their studies. Here are some helpful tips for parents on how to motivate their kids to study both hard and smart.

Carean Oh Motivating Kids

Seek help from an educational consultant.

Educational consultants provide invaluable support and practical advice for parents on how to motivate their kids to study effectively. They inform parents on application and enrollment processes, provide advice for admissions to better schools (schools matter!), and prepare children for interviews and help them pick their ideal courses. Schools are where children spend much of their time, so it really is important. Friends, teachers, the culture… all these affect the behavioural and affective development of a kid. Particularly for younger children, educational consultants help to identify their strengths through various tests (often, we see parents going for psychological and aptitude tests), and advise parents on optimal learning methods for their children.

For example, primary school students who may be more artistically inclined should be encouraged to pursue their passions, while still finding a balance for their studies in fields such as Science and Maths. Educational Consultant, Carean Oh, developed unique multiple intelligences tests inspired by her coaching experiences with children and her education in the area of psychology. She realised that this helps her identify the learning styles of her students and also provide more accurate curriculum planning for each kid. Children can adopt a more visual and hands-on study approach, as compared to rote learning and memory work. With decades of experience as an educator across various settings, Carean Oh is well-versed in helping children learn to the best of their ability. In addition to being the Principal Consultant of Writers Studio, she has also received numerous accolades for her commitment to students’ well-being and education, reflecting her passion to help children learn effectively. Parents of Rafael Leong, a new student, stepped into Carean Oh’s private English school and left with much food for thought in the way this educator can transform their kid’s learning. Carean is able to identify the needs of the kid even before meeting him, just because she also helps parents identify the right questions and paves their direction in guiding their children. 

Here are some tips for you:

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Tip 1: Have a schedule of study and leisure.

Having a balance of work and leisure helps your children use their time more effectively, motivating them to put in effort to study so they can enjoy uninterrupted leisure. For example, children could be allowed to use their smartphone or computer after first completing their planned revision or assignments.

Using a timetable also allows you to plan in advance for your kids, helping them to pace themselves effectively while still having ample time for leisure or spending time with their friends. It is particularly useful for primary school children, who may not have built up the self-discipline to take charge of their own learning.

Tip 2: Take an active role in their learning.

Another way to motivate your kid to study effectively is by taking an active role in learning. The benefit of being engaged in your kid’s learning is that it can be very effective. Many parents believe that it is hard to teach their own children. However, parents are, in fact, the ones who have the most time with their children and will know their children’s learning habits best.   

A weekly review with children works best. If possible, do avoid cultivating last minute habits, as this leads to stress and of course, angsty kids and bitter parents. At the end of each week, set aside time so parents can get their children to explain the concepts they have learnt in school. This promotes effective recall and application of concepts, reinforcing them while also giving them an opportunity to share what they are still less confident in and allowing parents to help overcome them together. 

In addition to effective learning, this also helps to nurture the bond between you and your kids, helping to foster trust and gives room for greater interaction as they grow up and face greater challenges beyond their academic performance.

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Create a conducive study environment.

The home may not always be the best place for a kid to study, particularly with the pandemic. Most families are staying indoors and social interactions have been reduced. This can provide significant distractions for your kid, hampering their motivation to study properly. One suggestion is to set aside a dedicated study place, such as a study room free from distractions, so that your kid can focus effectively. Another tip is to ensure that tools such as paper and stationery are within easy reach, as well as organising folders and notes for various subjects tidily to facilitate greater focus and concentration. It’s always best to stay organised! 

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Encourage open communication with them.

Cultivating an open atmosphere of candid conversation is an excellent way to motivate your kid to study. Some children may find themselves grappling with anxiety or low self-confidence compared to their peers, while others may have preconceived notions of their own.  As a Speech and Drama specialist, Carean Oh firmly believes in encouraging children to learn the essential skills of communication, which starts from practising it with your kid at home in situations beyond academic results.

Seeking the most optimal methods to motivate your kid to study? Get in touch with Carean Oh today and help your kid start the journey towards academic excellence.

By Carean Oh, Writers Studio School of English

- Carean Oh

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